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Vet Referral Form

Before any treatment begins I will require your veterinarian to complete a veterinary consent form.  This is requirement of the UK law and one which is respected by Dog House Canine Massage Therapy.   The signed form can be brought along along to the first treatment session.  Should your vet require any further information they can of course speak to me direct.  

Why do we need a Vet Referral Form?
Dog House Canine Massage Therapy is required by law to obtain consent before treating your dog. It respects the Vet Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 1962, never treating a dog without your vet's written approval.
This form also allows your vet to pass on a accurate account of your dog's present and previous medical history.

Where can I find the vet referral form?

The vet referral form is available to download below. If you do not have printer access, please let me know and we can make alternative arrangements.

https://consent aug 2017/vet consent form (25182744) aug 2017.docx

Click here to download the Vet Referral Form


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