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Dog House Canine Massage Therapy

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Molly Tibetan Terrier aged 10

Molly had been suffering from lameness. She was very relaxed throughout the massage sessions, at times she actually closed her eyes. A couple of days after the third session, I noticed Molly actually “springing” up and down when waiting for her breakfast. This was something she hadn’t done for a long time. After eating, she went running outside with no sign of a limp

Sue, Whittlesey

Tilly CollieX aged 9

There have been massive improvements in my dog. She no longer appears “old” and has started to play with my other dogs again. She has had no lameness or other signs of pain since her treatment, which is the longest she has gone for months! I had retired Tilly from obedience competitions, but am now seriously considering bringing her out of retirement this Spring.

Rachel, Milton Keynes

Diesel GSD aged 6

I was interested, but very sceptical. I’d never heard about it before so didn’t really know what to expect from it. The first session he was a little unsettled, the second time he was a little better. The days after his second session he was a different dog, he was bouncing around like a puppy. He has HD and is often quite stiff. He showed no signs of this and literally skipped around. I believe he would like have Julie massage him all night during his third massage session.

Alison, Luton


Millie Bulldog aged 9

As I go to an osteopath myself I was hopeful the treatment would benefit Millie. Millie has a very unbalanced walk, but after her treatments she is far more balanced and walks with a greater ease than before. She has been “on fire”.

Emma, Bedford


Daisie, Shih Tzu aged 2

Daisie had Cruciate Ligament surgery earlier in the year. She responded well to the massage sessions, she was made to feel very calm by Julie, which takes a lot because Daisie usually takes time to adopt to different people, but within 5 minutes Julie had her relaxed and calm. Since her last treatment Daisie has been a lot more willing to jump around and play with other dogs and I also feel a lot more confident in letting her do so following the treatment.

Tina, Luton

Merlin and Ghillie, Brittanys aged 4 and 12

Julie originally took on my Brittany Merlin as one of her case studies. He had broken his left front leg in an accident in 2012 and it was felt that massage could help build up the muscle again. During his sessions with Julie she found an old injury to his right rear hock which was causing him to throw that leg when on the move. Thanks to the massage given by Julie he has almost stopped doing this and it is hoped that a few more sessions will see a complete cure.

Julie also took on my 12 year old Brittany and Julie has made a very big improvement to Ghillie's aches and pains. Ghilllie is now moving much easier and really looks forward to her sessions on the table, as does Merlin, although he seems to have an internal clock which informs him when his up is up!

I have no reservations in recommending Canine Massage to anyone.

Jan, Royston
Sultair Brittanys


Keen, Border Collie
Obedience Champion Woughstock Wynsome Hartze
Having noticed a little abnormality with Keen's gait and worry when going up and down steps, I had him visit Julie.  With just one treatment there was a marked improvement and Keen is happy now to have become a regular in order to keep him at the top of his game!
Suzy Tooley 

, Long Coated Chihuahua

Gina was showings a reluctance in her showing career. But following her first session with Julie that all changed and now my wee girl isn't competing with a troubled body.  She is going from strength to strength in the ring, winning her last two classes.  Thank you Julie Green xx

Jill Dickson 

Ziva, CollieX

I was initially unsure how massage could help Ziva, however, on her first session with Julie, it emerged that she had an old injury in her back with lots of scar tissue (probably from her stray days).  After the second session not only did Ziva start to be happier having her back touched (and rubbed), but with the added insight of t-touch from Julie, it has also improved her behaviour so that she is now curious about other dogs and wanting to get friendly with some of them.  Had Ziva not been to Julie I would dread to think what further damage and pain may have been caused to her purely through my lack of knowledge of her previous injury.

The additional bonus is seeing Ziva completely relaxed and contented while Julie is massaging her and the expression on her face when she is having her legs and spine stretched is pure pleasure.  Massage will always feature for Ziva as a relaxation as well as to keep check on her body and any ailments that may emerge through her agility career.

Donna Holderness

Donna, Tibetan Terrier

We all find ourselves with the odd creaky joint as we get a bit older, but we became concerned about our 6-year-old Tibetan Terrier, Donna, when one of her back legs seemed to be seizing up when she woke up. It may have been age, or maybe the effects of playing with a young puppy. Anti-inflammatories helped, but we didn’t want to keep giving her drugs.

Julie was recommended by a mutual friend, so we decided to give her a try to see if she could help.

Donna and Julie took to each other immediately, and Donna always gets excited when she realizes where she’s going!

Even after just one treatment we started to notice a difference. Donna was less stiff after a long sleep, and seemed to be moving better. After three or four visits,  we had back the Donna we didn’t know we’d lost, she was running for the sheer joy of it, instigating the games and being cheekier than ever.

We’re so pleased we found Julie. We have a happy dog , who has her Mojo back, all without drugs."

Liz and Phil Collins

Dexter, Miniature Schnauzer (tripawd)

Thank you very much for helping to keep Dexter’s remaining back leg strong, supple and in top condition.  He is in much less pain and runs freely since he started having regular canine massage.  He always enjoys his visits!

Rebecca Ridgeway

Ripley and Bobby, PomX and Labrador

I was very sceptical when I first took my dogs, not about the massage but whether they would stay still for that long!  Julie worked wonders.  Within minutes my dogs were relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Julie explains everything she is doing and if she finds anything she will discuss possible reasons for muscle strains and how to prevent them going forward.

The best testimony I can give is from one of my dogs, he was a nervous, stressed rescue who was always uptight. With Julie’s help he has really changed, he's more relaxed and enjoys life more!   I've seen a difference in him when it comes to work as well, he's now staying in the agility ring and getting rosettes!

I can't thank Julie enough for her help and advice.  I would recommend Julie to anyone, whether you are competing or not.

Caroline Durrant

Suzie, Yorkshire Terrier

When she was 16, my miniature Yorkie Suzie became very frail and as well as being blind, she developed a serious limp in her foreleg, preventing her from walking even in her own garden. The vets could do nothing for her and I looked for a canine masseuse to see if we could give her some relief. I was lucky enough to find Julie at Dog House Canine Massage and I was impressed by her qualifications and experience. Nevertheless I was slightly apprehensive when I took Suzie for her first treatment. I need not have worried. Julie was gentle and caring with the tiny dog and Suzie was relaxed and calm while being handled. Julie seemed to have a warm and caring approach and a natural affinity with the dog.  Over a period of about two weeks, Suzie had several treatments and her leg improved greatly. Thanks to Julie, Suzie was able to enjoy gentle walks and spend time in the garden in the final months of her life. I am very grateful to Julie for her skill and kindness.

Sandra Lawes


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