Dog House Canine Massage Therapy
Dog House Canine Massage Therapy

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What is Canine Massage

Canine Massage is a non-invasive holistic and natural treatment which will help dogs both psychologically and physiologically.    It can benefit specific health issues in dogs, increasing the general health and fitness in dogs of all ages, as well as prolonging a dog’s quality of life.   It can relieve pain, allow the joints more flexibility and increase the range of movement and motion, improves physical and emotional welfare, as well as benefitting the immune system.    It is not an alternative to veterinary treatment, but by working alongside other treatments can speed up recovery rates.   By massaging the dog you can release muscles, disperse knots and ease spasms.   It can also be used after surgery for rehabilitation.  

By using massage you can locate the site of the injury and establish which muscle groups are accountable for the pain.    The muscle system can contain a huge number of problems which are frequently overlooked.   By working the muscles the experienced masseur can manipulate the muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues and restore the function to the dog’s muscoskeletal system.    In addition to injuries it can also aid orthopaedic conditions for example hip dysplasia and arthritis which can debilitate the dog from everyday actions, increasing their mobility.  

Massage can increase a dog’s emotional wellbeing and can aid by calming the dog, helping to alleviate anxious behaviour, nervousness and hyperactivity.

Massage is given by a series of movements which are applied to the dog with “deliberate and measured” strokes and methods.   


Dog House Canine Massage Therapy is committed to maintaining and improving your dog’s general wellbeing

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