Dog House Canine Massage Therapy
Dog House Canine Massage Therapy

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How quickly will I see results in my dog?

Results can be seen between 1 and 3 sessions.  Some dogs may benefit by having regular massage sessions, e.g. dogs suffering with arthritis.
Why do you need veterinary consent?
I am required by law to obtain a vet's consent before treating any dog.
Will I be able to be with him during the massage treatment?

Yes, in most cases a dog will settle quicker  with their owner in the room.  
Can any dog receive massage treatment?

Unfortunately not.  In some circumstances contraindications happen.  Some examples of this would include a dog with cancer, pregnancy, an open wound, fractures which have yet to heal.  If your dog has any existing conditions of which you are aware, please let me know before commencement of any treatment.
How often does my dog need massage?  
We would expect to see visable differences in your dog within 1-3 sessions.  In some cases dogs may require further regular treatments.  For example older and arthritic dogs would benefit enormously from regular massages.  Working and agility dogs are always active and need to be kept fit and agile. 
Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds will benefit from Canine Massage Therapy.  Please see the Benefits of Canine Massage Therapy page above which outlines the numerous benefits.
Are you insured?
Yes, I am fully insured.

Dog House Canine Massage Therapy is committed to maintaining and improving your dogs general wellbeing

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